As a certified life-cycle celebrant specializing in wedding
ceremonies and vow renewals, Emily VanLaeys provides the kind
of ceremony that quality shoppers are looking for. These words
from wedding photographer, Meg Arno, will give you a clear
picture of the kind of ceremony you can expect to have if you
work with Emily:

"Having photographed literally hundreds of weddings, it is with
much experience that I pronounce the professional services of
Emily VanLaeys a refreshing addition to the wedding world.  For
couples seeking a more non-traditional celebrant to conduct
their marriage ceremony, Emily provides a personal approach
that adds as much  information to a couple's vows as they would
like to have.  Emily obviously spends time with a couple before
their wedding day, listening to their stories of how they met
and what they expect from their wedding ceremony.  

Emily carefully and creatively weaves those details together in a
story-like form to share with the wedding guests during the
ceremony.  While listening to Emily preside over a recent
couple's wedding, I was surprised to learn that she was not a
relative of the couple.  She had done her homework, knew the
facts and prepared her statement to reflect the love of the
couple in a genuine, heartfelt manner which not only embraced
the couple but the witnesses as well.  

Beyond her well-prepared message, Emily also is instrumental in
organizing the wedding party and making sure the ceremony
starts on time.  Her sense of dedication to the couple is evident.  
I would advise couples who are interested in customizing their
marriage ceremony to discuss their ideas with Emily.  She is
professional in every manner, yet retains an air of friendship
while doing so."

                                   ~Meg Anderson Argo

Custom Wedding Ceremonies
~ meaningful, memorable, and created just for you ~
Is a Celebrant-Led Ceremony Right for You?
The answer could be yes if:

  • You are looking for someone warm and personable to officiate at
    your central New York  wedding ceremony.

  • You want the ceremony to be the focal point of your special day.

  • You want a fun but meaningful ceremony that's all about the two
    of you.

  • You would like to collaborate with your celebrant on the creation
    of your personalized ceremony.

  • You want a civil ceremony that's more memorable than the usual
    justice-of-the-peace wedding.

  • You want an interfaith ceremony that incorporates traditions
         from both of your backgrounds.

  • You are looking for an upstate New York wedding officiant who
    will create and perform a ceremony that will be a true reflection
         of who you are and the way you love each other.
Contact Emily for a free interview:


PH: 607-432-4625
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